Shree Kali Amman Mandir

Transformation through Spirituality



A spirtual movement established by Our Guru Prakash Diar in view of creating awareness amongst our society on Hinduism and Realistic Simple worship that is actually understood by all.


Shree Kali Amman Mandir also known as SKAM is an embodiment of LOVE & Service to Humanity.

 SKAM started as a simple temple movement called The Shree Hanuman Temple;

 Shree Hanuman Temple was established in April of 1983 by a group of Men, Late Jigdish Diar (1957 to 2012), Amrith Rampersadh and the Late Billy Ramiah.

  SKAM explained by our Spritual Head/ Embodiment of Love Prakash Diar;

 “I ALWAYS SAID I WILL ONLY REST THE DAY I SEE THE BIGGEST MURTI OF KALI MA WATCHING OVER SOUTH AFRICA- Thereafter I know that we would forever be protected and Live in peace!”

Because of my Love for Kali Amma and the energy source I have of our Great Devi, We first started SKAM, to assist our community, Adult or Kid, in spiritual growth. We had no idea what would happen, or what was really involved. We had held a vision and passion to do this since 1999, but it was not until 2012 that we tried it for the first time. The movement which merely started as a spiritual journey, teaches the most important lesson in life, which is to spread the love which we share. Been educated in our Hindu religion, rituals and Puja (Prayer), We have decided to share this knowledge, using a technique which we call Simple Realistic Worship.

SKAM is currently running a learning center for those wishing to learn about the religion. We are running a feeding scheme, music clases, Service group, and other fun activities to develop our youth spiritually.

All prayers as per the Hindu calendar are hosted at SKAM.

Our past few years which was a very joyful and wonderful experience, has also been a great learning wheel for all our members. We have some fabulous and humble people who treat the Movement and Temple with respect and somehow there was an intimacy and connection through teaching members about our religion that was quite nurturing. Over time the Adi Amman Puja, Theemethi Thiruvizha and other Devi Puja’s grew until we outgrew the Temple and are now in need of a bigger more suitable premises, which we are currently in negotiations for. The plan for this Land will be detailed and should include, the actual Temple, Learning Centre, Medical Centre, Care Centre +.

In September 2012 our official code of conduct along with Temple committee was formed.  


SKAM have also affiliated themselves with the Lenasia South based spiritual organisation, the Hari Narayana Bhajanai Mandiram (HNBM). This body, under the Leadership of Kreasan Moodley has been in existence since 2011. HNBM shares similar objectives and ideals as SKAM and together both bodies collaborate in many religious & spiritual observances as well as community upliftment, social responsibility and service based projects. Both Moodley and Diar have been friends since the tender age of 7 and have grown up together as brothers. Please click here to visit the HNBM website.
The HNBM mentors and nurtures its members into leadership roles, thus ensuring the sustenance and continual growth of this initiative for generations to come. 

I wish blessings upon all of the people who make SHREE KALI AMMAN MANDIR what it is today, and upon people everywhere who are forming communities for a purpose greater than themselves, who are committed to the evolution of humanity and the unfolding of the plan of peace on Earth.

Vanakum Namaste Namaskaram