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Draupadi Amman Puja (FIREWALKING) 03 March 2018

Theemedi Thiruvizha (Fire Walking Festival) stems from the great Epic known as the Mahabharata. The well-known game of dice, finds the Pandava brother loosing Draupadi (Daughter of King Drupada) to the Kauravas (from Demon Clan). Draupadi is then molested in the court by Dhushasana under order of Dhuryodhana (Kaurava Brothers).

It is then that the Pandava brothers took a vow to see the destruction of the Kauravas, in a War which lasted 18 Days. On the 18thDay, Draupadi stepped into the battle fields to fight. From daily penance and prayer to the divine mother Kali, Draupadi had gained much strength. Upon her arrival she had given a Scream that was heard in many states in India. Using the Soolum (trident) she had then destroyed the Evil Dhuryodhana.

Following this triumph of good over evil, Draupadi vowed to prove her innocence and courage to the village, by walking on ambers of Coal. Through this process, Draupadi had completed her purpose on earth, and returned to the Kingdom of Gods.

The Theemedi Thiruvizha is not only a re-enactment of this epic. This form of worship enables one to place their fears aside and believe in the existence of our Divine Master. The battle, enlightens us on the equality of male and female. This form of worship teaches us, that we control our mind. We can achieve even the impossible in the name of our Divine Mother Adi Para Shakti (Eternal Everlasting Power).

The entire prayer is focused around worshipping our divine mother, and praying for strength and courage to overcome challenges which we all face daily.


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